WP Conversion Boot Review

It’s a WP Plugin that allows you to create unlimited personalised landing pages for your Social, Ad & Email Campaigns with ZERO EFFORT & ZERO PAGE BUILDING. It uses dynamic pages which means you can personalize any existing WordPress page/post by adding shortcode & simply editing the URL.
FE – the plugin ads a shortcode generator to your WP Editor, this allows you to make & add shortcodes to your page copy & gives you a new editable URL where you can substitute the shortcodes for keywords of your choice… There is also a fallback keyword where one is not entered so all bases are covered. So, if you want to create new keyword relevant landing pages fast… you simply edit the URL… presto
+ the Country detection is in Pro Version OTO1 – you can have multiple shortcodes on the page to you can make personalised pages on the fly. WP Conversion Boot Review