Kickstart Survey Review

Kickstart Survey Review

Kick Start Survey (KSS) is something totally unique and not before seen in the market place. We have taken our best selling Cliks technology and combined it with our new survey application and powered it by our amazing CMS application.

What does that mean?

It means your customers will have the ability to be able to run a popup survey on authority sites, media sites, affiliate sales pages, newspaper and news sites, or any other website they want.

Imagine for example your customer would be able to run a survey on any site they wanted to share, they could share a link to the BBC or CNN and run a survey directly on those sites.

Kickstart Survey allows you to harness the power of authority sites to take action.

Kickstart Survey contains other unique features such as video surveys, multiple choice and segmentation. All coupled with our CMS that will build a social profile of their customers. Includes full API integration with all the top auto responders to make this product a real winner.

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